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Founded in 1994...

The Church is open on Sunday night, although we host occasional special events other nights of the week.

Inspired by Carlos Menendez and his successful long running theme night, which began in Miami "Velvet" nightclub, The Church provides Dallas most unique nightclub experience. The Miami "Church" still exists, although in a different location.

The Church is located at 2424 Swiss Avenue, in the Swiss Avenue historic district. The original building was constructed in 1899 as a trolley car repair station, and is listed in the north Texas Haunted Building Registry. Paranormal researchers have confirmed that the building is, in fact, haunted, and we occasionally experience paranormal activity. The building underwent an extensive renovation in 1974 as the Grand Crystal Palace Dinner Theater. The Video Bar is actually a separate building, constructed in 1974, as an addition to the Crystal Palace.

The Church features 5 separate lounges, 3 DJs, and a rooftop patio with an incredible view of the city. The musical landscape can include everything from Ambient Sounds, Neo Gothic, current and classic Industrial, EBM, Electro, Dark House, and the occasional musical "surprise."

Past luminaries include Trent Reznor & Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Peter Hook, Andy Laplegua, Combichrist, cEvin Key, Voltaire, Rubberdoll, Torture Garden, Korn, Disturbed, Depeche Mode, Lords of Acid, Dita Von Teese, Midori, Benny Benassi, Abney Park, Fischer Spooner & Front name a few.

The Church hosts unique theme parties, fashion shows and live music events, including Dallas Fetish Ball, Skin Party, Midnight Mass, Sanitarium, Gothic Beauty Pageant, Mad Hatters Ball, Black and Blue Ball, Zombie Prom and Geisha Lounge events.

The Church offers Dallas' most eclectic nightclub environment. We welcome you to visit and enjoy our unique brand of hospitality