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Click to view flyer for 10/13/2017 Unlucky13
Date: Friday Oct 13th, 2017
Doors: 9pm - 4am
Prices: $15.00 eraly bird

Event Information
Ladies & Gentlemen, Villains & Vermin, Degenerates & Germs!
This October 13th, Marquis of Vaudeville, along with Knotwright Lane Records & The Church, present a haunted helter-skelter happening:

~Unlucky 13~ is a chance for you to do all the careless, calamitous things you always wished you could do without consequence, yet were too afraid of the returning wake. Defy superstition & haphazardly throw caution to the wind, yet beware the shadows, for what do we know? Don’t let the ne'er-do-wells & naysayers dissuade you from your devil-may-care destiny. The thought behind this spectacle is to collectively generate so much bad luck defying superstition that we flip it to good. After all, the world is in such an awfully unfortunate state, what could it hurt?

So, come one, come all darers, dreamers, misfits, misteriosos, oddlings, outsiders, eccentrics, & otherwise extraordinary strange folk to an unnatural night filled with fortune tellers, freaks, theatre, dance, devils, mystery, music, & magic.

Stroll beneath ladders so crooked & tall
Employ tattered umbrellas within four walls
Still your feet to let the black cat pass
Then crack your reflection in the looking glass.

~This will also be Marquis of Vaudeville’s local CD release for their highly anticipated upcoming album: ‘The Tragic Valentine’~

*Ticketing, acts, & attractions to be announced!